Pancake Trouble

24 07 2011

Today I am at my uncle’s house. My uncle was going to make pancakes, and I mixed the batter, so I was waiting to help make the pancakes on the griddle. There was fruit set out to put in the pancakes. Blueberries, peaches and bananas. I said that I didn’t like blueberries RIGHT before he rudely dumped them into the batter along with the peaches and bananas, so its not like he didn’t know. I was thinking,’ Well that was really inconsiderate, you could have put them in each pancake as you’re cooking them, and then everyone could get exactly how they want them.” What if someone wanted to only have one or two of the ingredients? Heres the simple solution. You pour the batter on the griddle, then drop each ingredient in that the person wants. Woah! That was really hard, wasn’t it! Plus, for you lazy people, if you drop them in individually, you can make a smiley face :D.