Recipe Quest

This is a list of all the stuff I want to make. Once I make it, I’ll post a link to the recipe. I’ll keep adding when I think of something else.

1. white pizza

2. sugar cookies (from scratch)

3. oreo cupcake

4. homemade chocolate sauce

5. homemade icecream

6. homemade hot chocolate mix

7.  fried ravioli

8. homemade marshmallows

9. something (else) fried (fried olives)

10. homemade taco seasoning

11. homemade tortillas

12. steak (or other meat) glazed with the everything sauce

13. a poached egg

14. caramel

15. simple syrup

16. homemade hummus

17. good lemonade sorbet

18. double or triple cookie dough cupcakes




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